Any community has buildings and roads and trees, but the true window into a community is its people. Slice of New Paltz is a not-for-profit public access television show about the people that comprise the community of New Paltz NY.

Over the course of 80+ episodes, Slice of New Paltz has shined a light on all things Paltz: veterans, farmers, emergency service workers, musicians, activists and so much more. We have visited the office and specimens from naturalist Daniel Smiley at Mohonk to contemporary midwives describing the beauty of home birth.

If it happens in New Paltz, chances are that there is an episode of Slice of New Paltz that delves in deep.

Slice of New Paltz made its debut in 2003 when Don Kerr & Mark Portier staged live broadcasts including music, comedy & interviews on four successive  Sunday Nights.

Bob Fagan approached Don about reviving the show on tape in 2005, and episode #5 occurred at Taste of New Paltz 2005. A professional videographer, Bob worked in the industry for many years before starting up USIA Video.

Don Kerr is a familiar face in New Paltz. An elected official and active in many local causes, Don sees Slice of New Paltz as one more public service.

Dan Curci films local government & school board meetings and brings those skills to SONP.

Slice of New Paltz is a not for profit public service for the community of New Paltz NY.