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Slice of New Paltz host, Don Kerr, visits the New Paltz Reuse center on Clearwater Drive to talk about what this hidden gem has to offer for people looking for just about anything.  From compost to ceramic tiles to scapels and furniture, the Reuse Center has a lot to offer.

The Pinewood Derby is an annual Cub Scout Event which features home made cars made to rigorous specifications. The 2017 event was held at St Joseph's Church.

The New Paltz chapter of Women In Black is joined by community members in peaceful protest about killings of African Americans by law enforcement.

Volunteers from Wallkill River Watershed Alliance and Riverkeeper discuss the extreme algae bloom under way at the Wallkill River in New Paltz and surrounding towns

Host Don Kerr speaks to dog owners at the Ulster County DogPark.

Host Don Kerr speaks to new New Paltz Town Supervisor Neil Bettez and Assistant at the Supervisor's office, Kathy Preston

Slice of New Paltz visits the 8th annual Local Ingredients Chili Cookoff. This Water St. Market event brings local residents, businesses and tourists together for a delicious community culinary event.

Members of the New Paltz NY founding chapter of the Wallkill River Alliance explain their mission against the backdrop of stunning video of the Wallkill and its wildlife.

Slice ofNew Paltz documents the press conference at the 10.23.15 Walkway to Paris Climate Change Action event. Local activists joined together at Walkway on the Hudson to raise awareness of the December global conference to commit world governments to specific goals and actions to combat global climate change

Host Don Kerr interviews a 47 year employee of New York Trailways to learn about New Paltz bus service and Trailways. Also featured is Radi Serda - owner of the New Paltz Bus Terminal building and New Paltz Taxi, and Hudson Valley Coffee Traders.

Host Don Kerr talks to Meghan Febbie, Director of Pupil Personnel Services and Jim Tinger, Director of New Paltz Youth Program

Slice of New Paltz visits the new Just-A-Buck store at Shop Rite Plaza in New Paltz. Host Don Kerr visists with Customer Service Representatives Michael Brody, Jim Middaugh & Catherine Court, Shift Supervisor David Lamark, Store Manager Matt Heupler, and Steven Bakst, the President of New Windsor, NY based Just-A-Buck company. Just-A-Buck company operates numerous locations, celebrating the abilities of its staff.

Kathy Cartegena talks about the mission, the people, the joys and challenges at Family of New Paltz.

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