Epsiodes 59-46

Slice of New Paltz visits the 8th annual Local Ingredients Chili Cookoff. This Water St. Market event brings local residents, businesses and tourists together for a delicious community culinary event.

Woodstock resident Levon Helm's New Paltz connection is explored by Slice of New Paltz .

* Levon's Road Manager and friend Butch Dener

* Levon in the wedding party in New Paltz

* Levon's trip home to Miss Ana Lee and catfish

* The Band's 1968 concert at SUNY New Paltz

* "What kind of a hole did Levon leave?

Under the guidance of Science Teacher Cathy Law, each year, New Paltz High School students add to the Courtyard Gardens, inspired by the High Line park in NYC. The naturalized meadow includes native species of perennials and grasses chosen for their hardiness, adaptability, seasonal variation and attractiveness to wildlife.

Host Don Kerr visits Unison Arts Center and speaks with Executive Director Christine Crawfis, Special Projects Director Kitty Brown and highlights the artwork of New Paltz's John Wolfe

Slice of New Paltz visits the Samuel Dorsky Museum on the campus of SUNY's New Paltz campus. A series of still photos of art accompanied by Modest Mussorgsky's 'Pictures At An Exhibition' are followed by curator Daniel Belasco guiding us through 2 current exhibitions.

Slice of New Paltz visits the 2014 version of the whacky annual parade and "race" of homemade water craft down New Paltz's Wallkill River (note: audio is poor)


Slice of New Paltz looks into the effort by the New Paltz Community Foundation to renovate the home of Family of New Paltz

Don Kerr interviews staff and volunteers at Family of New Paltz and talks to Dennis Moore of New Paltz Community Foundation. 

George Sifre is Project Manager of the 'Building a Better Home for Family' project.

Don Kerr returns to Family of New Paltz for an update on the effort by New Paltz Community Foundation to renovate the social service agency's home.

Guests: Eileen GulbrandsenGlenn & George Sifre of New Paltz Community Foundation and Kathy Cartagena of Family of New Paltz.

Betty & the Baby Boomers formed 26 years ago via their mutual involvement in Pete Seeger's Clearwater program.

Join us as the Boomers perform the music of Pete Seeger, Phil Ochs, Bob Dylan & more.

Betty and the Baby Boomers are Betty Boomer, Jean Valla McAvoy, Paul Rubeo, Steve Stanne, and Robert Bard.

Host Don Kerr joins our guests on stage to open & close the show and adds a song he wrote over the closing credits..

Videography, Sound and Editing by SONP's Ace Bob Fagan

Don interviews members of the all volunteer Fire Department in New Paltz. The New Paltz Fire Dept. is a very busy fire company - proximity to the NY Thruway and the SUNY New Paltz campus results in 800-1000 calls per year.

Please consider volunteering to serve! Fire Department meets every Monday at 7pm or can be reached via 845 255 1520. The Department's website is newpaltfire.org

Women in Black is an International Sisterhood committed to non violence. New Paltz Women In Black has been standing in silent vigil each Saturday since 2001.

Host Don Kerr asks: What Is "Women In Black" and more ....

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With help from Saugerties Public Access and the Veterans of Foreign Wars (VFW) post is New Paltz & Kingston, we hear the stories of several veterans who served during the Viet Nam War era:

Featuring: Joe Barbarito, Bill Forte, Tony Kayser, Joe Paladinu III, Al Ragucci, Bob Roberts, Henry Slattery

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