Epsiode 26-14

Slice of New Paltz visits Gardens for Nutrition, where members ofthe community join together each year to plant, grow and mingle. Don also visits the Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) Huguenot Street Farm and talks to Farmer Kate Khosla.

Vicki Russell & Band perform selections from her latest CD: “Next” in an episode filmed on the patio at Bacchus restaurant, Don Kerr and Robert Bard also perform. Filmed by Mark Portier, a founder of the Slice of New Paltz Show

Slice of New Paltz celebrates Black HIstory Month through the eyes and experiences of Margaret Wade-Lewis, A.J. Williams Meyers, Zelbert Moore and Mary Pottinger interlaced with Dr. King’s “I have a dream” speech.

There seem to be more and more deer in The Town and Village of New Paltz. Don talks to Ranger Mike Carlson of Minnewaska State Park, his gardening neighbors and Charlie Fichella of Quality Deer Management Association

An episode on the history and founders of the Morello Pool, named for Mike Moriello after his untimely death and in honor of his service to New Paltz.

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