Episode 45-27

Slice of New Paltz honors Mother's Day with a discussion of natural childbirth and home birth with local mothers who are also care givers.

We visit with Pete Taliaferro of Taliaferro Organic Farm as the water;s rise and in the aftermath a few days later. Many families were affected when their Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) farms lost the ability to provide their weekly shares of food.

Filming & post production by Bob Fagan USIA Video

A rare October hurricane caused rising waters that laid waste to many towns and farms in upstate NY. Farmers in New Paltz were particularly hard hit, losing much of their fall harvest.

Slice of New Paltz Explores ways to reduce your carbon footprint in New Paltz by riding the new Loop Bus, The Bikes That Heal Program and the dedication of the new Park N Ride lot near Stewarts Shops.

Area music pros Vickie Russell, Betty & the Baby Boomers, and The Trapps join together for Hanukkah and Christmas songs and a few of their origninals.

Host Don Kerr Visits the Town of New Paltz Highway Department during a snow storm. See interviews with Highway Department Supervisor Phil Johnson and staff and see the view from a snow plow.

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