Episode 12-1

A look at farming in New Paltz features a visit with Rod Dressell, Sr. of Dressell Farm and a look at Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) at the Phillies Bridge Farm Project

A multitude of beers and hard spirits are examined for this March show featuring The Gilded Otter and the Tuthilltown Distillery.

Listen to the romance of tango, the lilt of mazurka, the elegance of swing and the many shades of waltz of the Bernstein Bard Trio and Brian Melick Perform at the Discovery Institution

What’s up with this weather?! We go to the over 100 year old Smiley Research center up at the Mohonk Reserve. We also visit a local meteorologist and look at his weather station set up at his home.

Our first holiday episode: holiday season 2016. INterviews at Family of New Paltz & Saint John Bosco Foster Home; Singalong at SUNY’s Children’s Center.

Steve Poskanzer (Pres. of SUNY New Paltz) & Maria Rice (Superintendent of The New Paltz School District) meet to discuss education in the 21st century.

New Paltz Halloween 2006. Said one local: “Halloween is our Christmas. New Paltz does halloween.” We visit the halloween parade, night of 1000 pumpkins, the Guenther house and Haunted Huguenot St.

The 2006 Taste of New Paltz Festival, where attendees can sample great local foods and listen to great local music. This episode marked the first collaboration between long time Co-Producers of Slice of New Paltz, Bob Fagan and Don Kerr.

Host Don Kerr interviews Ex. Mayor Jason West and former Supervisor Dave Lent. Holland, Thompson & Tooch perform two sets of Cimino, Fink & Steffens preform a set of Music. Broadcast Live.

Don Kerr talks to New Paltz Times Reporters, Erin Quinn and Anne Pyburn about reporting for the New Paltz Times. Also commentary from our “Certified Crank”, Mark Portier and music from Don Kerr.

Rebecca Rotzeler & Michael Zierler (Deputy Mayor & Village Trustee) - “Environmental Initiatives in the Village of New Paltz.” Also commentary from our “Certified Crank” Mark Portier and music by Don Kerr

In the Debut episode, Don speaks with Library Director John Giralico and Library Board President Sally Rhoads about the rennovation and impending Grand Reopening of the library. Also: commentary from our “Certified Crank”, Mark Portier and music by Don Kerr

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